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We have already deactivated our mobile app because it is much easier to listen to our radio without an app, directly in the browser. Look: To listen to our radio on any cell phone (Android or iOS) without the need to install any application, just access www.radiosgold.com through the browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Opera) on your cell phone or use the QR CODE on the side
to access. Add a shortcut on your phone's home screen to make your next auditions easier.

Click here to access other sites that reproduce our signal.
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This is a non-profit radio created only to preserve musical memory, thus discarding any incentive piracy or copyright infringement.
Worldwide broadcast, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Contact via email:  gold@radiosgold.com
Our time zone is -00:00h GMT  -  © 2015-2022 All rights reserved
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