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Dear Listener:

The GOLD INSTRUMENTAL radio is a web radio made by those who love radio so that you,
GOLD listener, have a great day, listening to good music. We want to brighten your day!
And to increase your satisfaction in listening to us, we are simultaneously broadcasting
on two channels with two different transmission rates:

32 kbps/aacPlus and 224 kbps/mp3.
The rate of
32 kbps (32,000 bits per second) has a lower sound quality but avoids cuts
in the sound when the listener's internet is low speed or very congested, besides saving
considerably the mobile data of the plan of your cell phone, being the most indicated
for those who listen to the radio through the cell phone.
The rate of
224 kbps (224,000 bits per second) has more audio quality but requires a
better quality internet link so that there is no cut in the sound.
For example, listening to the radio for 1 hour at 224 kbps consumes the same amount of
data as listening to the radio for 7 hours at 32 kbps.
That is, at 32 kbps data consumption is 7 times less than at 224 kbps.
The radio generates its programming at a rate of 224 kbps. Due to the fact that the
32 kbps signal is generated at from the 224 kbps signal, the 32 kbps signal has a delay
of approximately 1 minute if compared to the 224 kbps signal. This is absolutely normal.

"RADIO GOLD INSTRUMENTAL, only the most beautiful instrumental songs... anywhere, anytime"
This is a non-profit radio created just to preserve musical memory, thus discarding any incentive to piracy or copiryght infringement. Worldwide streaming, 24/7.

This radio can also be heard on any cell phone (Android or iOS) without the need for any app.
Just access through the browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Opera) on your phone.
sure to add a shortcut on your phone's main screen to make your next auditions easier.


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